Beach Pawn offers new, used, Factory 2nd, refurbished guitars. All of our guitars, except our vintages and second hand, are purchased directly from an authorized guitar refurbishing center and distributor that buys them directly from the manufacturers. The refurbishing center is located here in the USA. Their repair shop is staffed by highly trained guitar technicians carrying Fender gold-level certification and Taylor acoustic warrantee certification.
We offer electrics, acoustics, and bass guitars from Gibson, Epiphone, Fender, Squier, Ibanez, Gretsch, Guild, Alvarez, Ovation, Takamine, Schecter, Hamer, BC Rich, Jackson, Yamaha, OLP, Walden, Samick, Daisy Rock and others. All of our guitars are authentic brand name instruments. We do NOT sell imported reproduction models. Our inventory continues to grow and changes constantly.
Factory 2nd guitars come directly to Beach Pawn from the refurbishing center from the manufacturer. They were never sold or shipped to a distributor or retailer. These guitars were marked 2nds by the manufacturer usually for a minor cosmetic flaw that would prevent them from being sold as a 'new' instrument. These guitars are otherwise in immaculate, like-new condition. It is often difficult to even identify why some of these guitars are 2nds. They will have '2ND' lightly impressed on the back of the headstock.
At Beach Pawn our refurbished guitars come directly to us from a refurbishing center from the manufacturer. The difference is that these guitars were initially shipped out to a distributor or retailer and then were returned to the manufacturer for various reasons. The guitars were never sold in retail. The reasons the guitars were returned can include damage to the instrument and/or packaging, finish flaws/scratches, guitar in need of repair or re-set up, overstocked items, etc. The refurbishing center inspects the guitars and, if necessary, repairs the instruments to a like-new condition. These guitars will have 'USED' lightly impressed on the back of the headstock.
Beach Pawn offers what is the best value in the guitar market today. Most of our guitars have only very minor finish flaws or unseen repairs that will not affect how the guitar performs. You are still getting an essentially new, authentic brand name guitar, just for a fraction of the cost of a real 'new' one. Because we deal exclusively with new, used, Factory 2nd, refurbished guitars, we are able to purchase our inventory for a significantly reduced price. We are able to pass these incredible savings on to you.
No. Because the guitars were potentially serviced/repaired by an outside refurbishing center the manufacturer's warrantees are void. To prevent unauthorized warrantee claims on the new, used, Factory 2nd, refurbished guitars, our refurbishing center will partially remove the original serial number from the instrument.