for use with sausage cartridges. sealants, epoxy, caulk. works perfectly no defects.

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Pressure:150 psi
Capacity:20 x 20 oz
Barrel Type:Aluminum
Barrel Diameter:2″
Line:AT-Line Mix Ratio:1:1
Ergonomic design: Patended Suitcase handle permits one-hand operation with improved dispensing control. Faster flow increases productivity – More power from 4″ diameter air cylinder and an improved manifold dramatically increase the flow of material. Responsive – Improved trigger control, easy access regulator, and pneumatic forward & reverse. Easy reload – Truly functional upright position allows easy load and unload. Rugged construction – Albion’s legendary quality and state-of-the-art engineering ensures that the tool can handle rugged conditions. Designed specifically to dispense Dow Corning 902 RCS silicone expansion joint sealant packaged in twin 20oz sausage packs.

Additional Technical information: 4″ diameter air cylinder. Air cylinder, quick exhaust and product barrels are aluminum for light weight. The regulator is attached directly below the handle for easy adjustment. It is set at 150psi max (1,885 lbs force) The #645-G05 manifold is easier to clean and has a quicker flow rate than competitive models. The AT1200S and AT1200S-2 can be placed upright for easy reload. Competitive models have a regulator on the back. AT1200S is designed for one-hand operation. Uses the #873-6 piston with steel backup ejector for strength & reliability. Four extra pistons are included in the kit.

Operating Instructions: Connect air line (max. 150 psi) and press trigger to retract rods. Brass forward / reverse switch is at base of handle. See indicator rod for position of pistons. Stand gun upright on smooth surface and swing carriage down, towards handle. Remove manifold and insert one part-A and one part-B sausage in barrels. Use scissors or utility knife to completely remove staples from sausages. Reinstall manifold and swing carriage back up to hold in place. Attach static mixing nozzle. Switch to forward operation and dispense material. CLEANING: Use dry cloth to removed wet material from barrel and manifold. Wipe clean with solvent as recommended by sealant manufacturer. Do not soak parts in solvent more than a minute or two.

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